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Southampton Harbour Hotel

Southampton Harbour Hotel

Southampton Harbour Hotel

Creative Direction:
Dawn Moses

Project Coordinators:
Steve Montague, Julie Magri, Rosie Swann

About the project

This was one of our larger projects and most exciting. We worked closely with the designer to make sure all curtains and voiles in the 88 bedrooms fitted perfectly and looked good. We experienced a number of problems with obstructions to the windows and advised accordingly the solutions for these. Fabrics and voiles were chosen by the designer but we advised on suitablility and style and recommended all hardware, including electric blinds, electric tracks and all tracking for bedrooms.

The public areas also were a challenge with nearly 6 metre drops in the main Function Room with electric tracks. The Jetty Restaurant had a very large curved end and so we had to measure and bend tracks for hanging curtains and voiles.

The Harbar on the 6th Floor had 24 electric blinds which we linked to work together and advised on fabric and carried out the full installation.

The Spa area looked fabulous with voiles on Wave Heading in Reception, Swimming Pool and Treatment areas.

Overall, it was a superb result and we are very proud to have been a part of this project.


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