Face Masks

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The Curtain Cabin’s

journey to making Face Masks

Striving for the best to keep you safe

It seems so long ago now but back in March this year we were asked to make scrubs for care workers locally and this followed on with facemasks. We started by using offcuts of cotton curtain fabric and soon began to realise there was a need and market for them.

Dawn worked night and day to perfect the design and we gave them away to start with to family and friends to test them out. The Mk 1 seemed to do the job, however, we have been striving for the best we can do and have progressed through the Mk 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and now the Mk 7 is our latest benchmark. Dawn quality controls every individual mask and they made by hand by our dedicated team.

The Mk 7 has a tape reinforcement inside the bridge with a flat metal insert to contour around the nose and to avoid steaming up of glasses. We have put a polycotton lining in to add to protection and comfort and this has a pocket for an additional 3rd layer should it be required (using tissue, kitchen towel, coffee filters, etc.) There are two methods of wearing them, with the usual loops around the ears, but we have now developed a “business” mask made of a lightweight washable cotton and soft elastic around the back of the head (which is especially good if you wear glasses or hearing aids or wearing them for some considerable time).

We have tried to keep the price low giving affordability for everyone and covering costs of making, materials, etc.

The fabrics are varied, with fun fabrics to make the wearing of them more enjoyable (dogs, horses, llamas, etc.), but we have many plain colours for a more professional look and to co-ordinate with outfits. Wedding masks can be catered for, as well as our new range of CHRISTMAS MASKS to try and make the season more colourful!